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Holiday Hair Tutorials are Here!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Check out my collab with fellow stylist Maureen (@maureenrelampagoslamban) for some fun holiday hair style ideas! We'll be basing all of these styles off of one easy, super versatile technique. Read on for the step-by-step!

Step-by-step tutorials below!

//Look no. 1 (00:48)

Tossed and Tousled Low Pony

I love this look because it looks super intricate with the twists and figure 8 braid detail, but in reality it's super simple!

  1. First I sprayed Maureen's hair with a spray wax to keep flyaways down and add a light hold. I used Joico Texture Boost / Dry Wax Spray

  2. Next, I smoothed the top half of her hair into a ponytail, leaving out pieces around her face for softness. Secure with a small elastic band.

  3. Just above the elastic you'll split the hair and pull your ponytail through from top to bottom creating a topsy turvy twist! Neat, huh?

  4. Now you'll pull at the twists to add volume and mess them up a little, do the same thing to the rest of the hair to add texture and looseness. If you have very fine hair try sprinkling in a texture powder like Sexy Hair's Powder Play to add some hold and grit for your volume.

  5. Pull remaining loose hair over your first ponytail and secure with an elastic. Repeat the topsy turvy twist from step 3. Secure any loose pieces with a bobby pin.

  6. Figure 8 Braid Smooth remaining hair and split in two sections. From either section take a small bit of hair and begin wrapping over the first strand and under the next creating a figure 8. Continue this until your braid has reached your desired length, you may need to add hair to maintain length of the strands you're wrapping with. Secure with a bobby pin and elastic. ***If the figure 8 braid is too tricky it can easily be swapped for a fishtail, or any other braid!

  7. Curl loose hair in alternating directions with a 1 inch iron for loose waves. Finger tease individual curls starting at the top for a tousled look. I like to use Kenra Professional Dry Texture Spray 6 for a light, airy texture.

  8. Refine and smooth before spraying with your finishing spray!

//Look no. 2 (06:21)

Pull Through Topsy Turvy Braid

Is this one Pinterest worthy or what? Check out this super simple version of a pull through braid!

Follow steps 1-5 from previous style. Ready for the next step?

  1. Repeat step 3-5, creating twists to the ends of the hair and sprinkling in your texturizing powder as needed. That's it. You've got this one girl!

//Look no. 3 (09:00)

Half up with Twists

If you haven't already noticed, I'm a huge fan of the topsy turvy twists! It's such an easy way to add intricacy to a look without the worry of your style falling out halfway through the day, so here's another one.

  1. Spray your working spray throughout (my fave is the Sebastian Re-Shaper), brush through and curl the hair with a 1 inch iron for loose waves.

  2. Leaving the front loose gather and smooth hair in the crown section into a loose ponytail, spray with wax or hairspray as needed. Then create a topsy turvy twist as in Steps 3-4 of look no. 1.

  3. To hide the elastic I insert a large hairpin underneath the elastic and wrap a section of hair over it. Using another hair pin I pull the loose ends through the the first pin, then pull the first pin down through the elastic.

  4. Next, I sprinkled Sexy Hair's Powder Play throughout my side sections for some extra volume and sprayed the length with my spray wax. From here twist each of your side sections back pulling apart to loosen and pinning over your topsy turvy twist.

Will you be trying any of these styles for you holiday parties? If you do make sure you tag us! @Jackie.ManeEventHair // @MaureenRelampagoslamban

To book Mane Event Artistry for your wedding or event, head on over to the 'Contact' page and shoot us a message! We look forward to hearing from you!

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