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Luxury Wedding Hair Services

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What to expect from trials & wedding day

Trials are highly recommended before your wedding day to perfect your look, and to ensure that you and your artist are on the same page so that there won't be any surprises! With my professional experience and expertise I can offer suggestions and options that you may not have considered before.

I suggest booking your trial within 3-6 months of the wedding date so that there are no drastic changes in your hair condition, personal tastes, or my techniques which are ever evolving. Trial appointments are generally hosted in studio in St Augustine, FL. I will do my best to accommodate your schedule, but do keep in mind most of my bookings are Fri-Sun, so weekend appointments are extremely limited.

Typically your trial will take 1 - 1.5 hours to complete, if you would like to schedule additional time to try out multiple looks please let me know at the time of booking. Additional fees will be incurred accordingly.

Trials can be arranged for Mother's, Bridesmaid's and any additional bridal party members upon request.

Wedding day!

From the moment your booking is confirmed you won't have to worry about a thing! Sit back while I get to work crafting the perfect timeline for your hair services that will work seamlessly with the rest of your day.

Bridal hair varies, but will typically take 1.5hrs. Hairstyling may occasionally be split into two parts, part 1 consists of a blowdry and/or curl set upon arrival, and part 2 will be putting your final style together.

The remaining bridal party's hair services will take 45mins - 1hr each.

Then you're ready to take the day by storm! Grab a glass of bubbly, get your robe pics with your girls before slipping into the dress of your dreams to wow your groom and guests when you walk down the aisle!

  • What if I don't meet the minimum?
    All Friday and Saturday weddings Oct-June are subject to a minimum booking fee of $725 which includes 3 hours of extended touchup time if no additional services are needed.
  • What if it's just me?
    All Friday and Saturday weddings Oct-June are subject to a minimum booking fee of $725 which includes 3 hours of extended touchup time if no additional services are needed.
  • What if I have a large bridal party?
    If additional artists or assistants are needed there is a $200 procurement fee per additional artist provided. An additional artist or assistant may be needed for some parties of Bride +5-6 or and are required for parties of bride +7. A third additional stylist is required for parties exceeding Bride +11.
  • Are trials/previews included in pricing?
    Trials are not included in pricing.
  • Can services be added later?
    Services can almost always be added, but please keep in mind that if additional artists or assistants are needed it will be harder to find someone with the same skill set with too short notice. I cannot guarantee future artist availability.
  • Can I remove a service?
    Once services are contracted they may not be removed. Removing services will result in the forfeiture of said service fee.
  • Are there any other misc. fees?
    Travel: A minimum travel fee of $50 per stylist will be incurred for travel extending beyond 20 miles and a minimum of $150 per stylist for travel extending beyond 50 miles St Augustine City Hall Early Morning: $100/hr per artist for each hour onsite before 7am Additional Artists: $200/ea Holiday Surcharge: $150/per artist. Including Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July Relocation: Client will be charged a minimum of $150 per artist that is required to relocate to another location to complete any portion of contracted services. Day of Late Fee: A late fee of $40.00 will be charged for every 15 minutes of delay when Client is late for the scheduled services time, or if scheduled hair service exceeds allotted time because of delays attributed to Client. Parking: Client is responsible for all parking, valet or toll fees which may be incurred.
  • Who do you recommend for makeup services?
    There are so many talented Wedding Makeup Artists in St Augustine & Jacksonville, here are a few I love to work with - Ashley Taylor - Christina Burns - Maureen Lam - Ariel Berardi Sarina Durden - Lia Croke - Kiara Shannelle - Cathee Molina - Zulmarie -
  • How long will you have per service?
    Generally, I will allot my brides 1-1.5 hrs Additional adults 45 mins-1 hr Juniors 30-45 mins
  • Who will be your second stylist or assistant?
    This is subject to artist availability. I have a network of skilled artists whom I partner with often.
  • Can I choose a second stylist?
    On certain occasions you may have the opportunity to choose from a selection of available stylists, although I cannot guarantee this.
  • What will my timeline look like?
    Your timeline will typically look something like this - 8:00 Jackie Arrival/Setup 8:15 Adult1 9:00 Adult2 9:45 Adult3 10:30 Adult4 11:15 Adult5 12:00 Bride 1:30 Touchups 2pm Finish
  • Will you stay for touchups?
    I allot 30 minutes of buffer/touchup time at the end of every booking. Additional time may be added to the schedule at a rate of $150/hr.
  • What's the best way to prep my hair?
    My favorite way to prep hair for best results is almost always a good blowout! If you can't make it happen for one reason or another (I get it, wedding week is CRAZY) just make sure you have it clean, 110% dry and detangled for me. I'll take care of the rest.
  • Curly, coarse or frizz prone hair prep?
    For best results I suggest smoothing or stretching curls and coils before styling. Make sure you aren't use using oils or anything else that will coat the hair making it heavy or greasy. This will also coat my irons, potentially creating lots of steam and smoke which is never a good sight (or smell...) Generally a bit of leave in conditioner, and a smoothing cream with humidity resistance applied before blow-drying will be sufficient to smooth most hair textures and reduce frizz. Don't worry if you're still a little fuzzy, I take care of handle that. A light gel or styling foam may also be used for additional hold.
  • Straight, fine, or limp hair prep?
    You'll want to avoid anything that might weigh your hair down. Try blow-drying in a thickening or volumizing mousse for additional body and hold. A bit of smoothing cream can help with any frizz concerns, just use it sparingly.
  • Do I need hair extensions?
    This will vary from person to person and style to style. Do you NEED strip lashes? Probably not, but they make everything better. I feel the same way about hair extensions. I almost always recommend clip in extensions for creating volume and fullness in my half up styles, and Glam Waves /Hollywood waves will almost always require the use of extensions for perfect fluffy waves that last.
  • Where should I buy my clip ins?
    For high quality clip in extenstions these are my faves! - Bellami - Luxy Hair - Foxy Locks - I generally recommend against purchasing amazon extensions such as "goo goo hair" as they tend to thin out quite drastically towards the ends of the hair which defeats the whole purpose of extensions - to add fullness.
  • How long should my extensions be?
    Here's a great reference for length. Remember you'll lose a bit once everything is curled. I'm always happy to do a quick trim on wedding day!
  • What kind of extensions should I get?
    I tend to prefer clip in extensions for many reason, but especially their versatility.

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