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Get Wedding-Ready: The Ultimate Guide to Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clips, tapes, sew ins, oh my! I know how overwhelming and confusing it can be to buy hair extensions for the first, so I'm here to help. Read on for some things to keep in mind when purchasing your hair extensions!


As a general rule, I really love using hair extensions for my brides and special occasion hairstyles. The use of hair extensions can really kick your look and give you that Pinterest worthy feel. I prefer to work with Clip in extensions vs halos, beaded wefts, or tape ins for multiple reasons which I may elaborate on later, but the biggest reason for me is that clip ins are the most versatile and flexible. Because I can place them literally wherever I want for any given style they can be used for almost anything whether it be all up, down, in a braid , ponytail, you name it.


This is going to be entirely dependent on each individuals chosen style (remember you'll loose some length with curls & braids. For those big boho braids, or perfect hollywood waves, I love to suggest at least 20", but you can always add more!

Hair extensions aren't only used to add length, sometimes they're used just to add volume and fill out a hairstyle, more on that in the following sections!

find your length for extensions

Grams - Weight of hair extensions

This is one that a lot of clients can be unaware of. The density, or thickness of each weft is measured by weight in grams. Of course I'm always on the hunt for a deal, but beware of Amazon Hair Extensions that only come in at 70grams for a full set. These extensions are going to be much thinner and more sparse, especially when compared to something like Bellami extensions which start at 140grams - that's twice as much hair! You do get what you pay for when it comes to human hair extensions.

When deciding on weight, fine or medium hair textures won't need as much to ensure a smooth blend, whereas the girlies with naturally thicker hair are going to look for a higher weight around 200grams or more (at least when adding length so that the ends don't thin out too drastically, if you're just looking for a little extra volume or fullness this number is less relevant)

Hair Texture

Fine / Medium Hair

Thick Hair (When adding length)

Weight (grams)





It can be tricky trying to find your perfect color match through a phone or computer screen. Have no fear! Choose a shade lighter than you think you might need. If you have a regular colorist in your area they can tone human hair extensions to match your shade perfectly! I will always advise to go with a shade lighter to allow for alternations as the risk of damaging you extensions is much less when going slightly darker vs attempting to ligthen them which can be a much harsher process. Another thing to keep in mind is that even if the color of your extensions is slightly off, once things are curled, braided twisted together everything will blend and the alternate color might just add a bit of dimension like a high or low light, this will just make your hair pop a little more.

As added insurance, most extension brands include a sample weft in their packaging so that you can test the color against your own hair before committing. As long as the remaining set stays sealed you can easily return or exchange for another color!


Extensions for filling out hair, adding volume and helping curl longevity

Sometimes you might have the length, but maybe you just need a little extra "oomph!" to your hair, or maybe your hair needs a little help holding a curl.

One hairstyle that nearly always requires clip extensions is my signature Hollywood Wave. I've even found fill in sets that just include a few small clip in pieces to help fill out the front sections where we naturally have less hair (Find them HERE). This lets me create a really beautiful, full, fluffy looking wave that won't look sparse or squished throughout the day from all the hugs you're sure to get on your wedding day or special event.

Some girls have hair that doesn't like to hold a curl. This isn't a guarantee, but extensions tend to hold curls very well and can actually support your own hair and increase longevity for long event days!

Clip ins are also great for adding fullness to braids and ponytails!

Some of my favorite extension brands


Did I leave anything out? Let me hear your feedback in the comments and if you found this article helpful please share!

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