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5 Reasons to Avoid Buying Hair Extensions on Amazon

I get it, we all love a deal. Sometimes you get what you pay for though and it's not always worth it to save the few extra bucks. Here are 5 reasons Amazon hair extensions should be avoided with recs for my fave reputable extension brands at the end,



  1. Low Density/Thickness There's multiple reasons Amazon extensions might be cheaper, one of them being that there is less hair attached to each weft. Some people get around this by buying multiple sets, but in the end it'll probably cost you the same as buying one solid set of hair extensions from a brand such as Bellami.

  2. Low Quality/Difficult to Determine Quality It's often difficult to determine the quality of Amazon hair extensions due to limited information available and sometimes the pictures from the listing are entirely different from what you might actually receive. No one likes surprises like that.

  3. Not ethically sourced Unfortunately the industry of human hair has a history of exploitation. There's really no telling how or where the hair for those Amazon extensions is sourced. Often times disenfranchised woman from small towns and villages in countries such as China, India, Vietnam and eastern Europe are targeted and exploited by being offered minimal compensation, if not having their hair forcibly cut. These dealers then turn around and flip the hair for a significant sum. Reputable brands partner with vendors that ethically source hair from willing participants who are fairly compensated.

  4. Prone to Tangling (Stripped Cuticle) Reputable brands take great care in ensuring that the hair cuticle (protective barrier) remains intact and flowing in the same direction. This results in longer lasting, smoother, shinier extensions with minimal tangling.

  5. Hygienic Concerns Because Amazon resells their returned items you never really know where those extensions have been prior. and the likelihood of them being properly sanitized before resale is slim to none.


Here are a few of my favorite sustainably sourced hair extension brands

Not sure what you're looking at?

CLICK HERE for a guide to picking out your new clip in extensions


Did I leave anything out?

Let me hear your feedback in the comments and if you found this article helpful please share!

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