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Your Guide to Glam Waves

Glam waves, Hollywood waves, Vintage waves, whatever you call them they're in. This highly requested style is soft and sleek, not over done, but still makes a statement. Although the look doesn't appear overly the complex the prep work and technique that goes into creating waves that last is more than you might think. This is your guide to glam waves and will help you decide if this is the right look for you!


Expectations vs Reality -

While this hairstyle might look soft, silky and touchable the reality is quite the opposite. In order to maintain the structure and uniformity of the waves there is lots of hairspray and light backcombing done throughout the hair. This look wouldn't be recommended for the ones that like to toss around and play with their hair throughout the day.

Cost -

First and foremost, this is considered a specialty hairstyle and will be charged accordingly. Expect to splurge a little more on this one.

Extensions! -

Unless you're already blessed with a head full of thick, luscious locks (and sometimes even if you are), extensions are going to make a huge difference in the longevity and overall look of this hairstyle. Hair extensions will add structure and fullness to the waves. We highly recommend the purchase of hair extensions prior to your trial for the Hollywood / Glamour wave hairstyle. Below you can find a few of our favorites!

A length comparison chart for hair extensions varying from 16 - 20 inches in length
Hair Extension Length Comparison Chart

*Remember when purchasing extensions that you may loose a couple of inches with your curl. It's better to have the length and not need need it.

Ideal Hair Type -

Keep in mind that we're trained in creating bridal styles that will last! We'll do everything we can to ensure that your hairstyle will last the entirety of your wedding day, but occasionally there are certain hair types that will not be ideal for the chosen look. Glamour waves are a more finicky hairstyle, unfortunately for those with hair that is difficult to curl this hairstyle is generally not recommended. We'd be happy to trial this style, but there are times where alternative ideas may need to be discussed.

Humidity -

Again, being a more finicky style with all of your hair being down and combed perfectly into place this look is not really suited for outdoor environments. If you plan to be outdoors, in the summertime especially, this hairstyle will likely not last as well it could in a controlled indoor environment. As mentioned above, your hairstylist is trained in creating lasting looks and will always use the appropriate products and techniques to combat heat and humidity regardless of the hairstyle chosen. For those that find frizz or limp hair as their archnemesis there may not be much to be done if your wedding is set to be outdoors in the heat and humidity of July.

Touchups -

We definitely recommend that you keep a stylist on hand for touchups either during photos, before the reception, or both! After all the time and effort just spent on crafting the perfect wedding day hairstyle why wouldn't you want your hair to be picture perfect! We'll tag along to make sure that your hair doesn't snag on beads, the wind doesn't blow apart your curls, and that your mane is looking perfect from all angles. If you want additional touchups after your ceremony, before your reception we can do that too! You would have to be willing to step away from all of the festivities for at least an additional 30 minutes, but you can dance the night away knowing that you look as good as you feel!


To book Mane Event Artistry for your wedding, event or photoshoot head on over to the 'Contact' page and shoot us a message! We look forward to hearing from you!


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