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A Little Bit About Me

Hello Everyone! My name is Jacqualine, but for the most part I just go by Jackie, I am the owner and lead stylist for Mane Event Artistry. I don't post a lot of personal things for the most part, so I thought it might be fun to give everyone a little peek into my life, why I do what I do and how Mane Event Artistry came to be, so let's get started shall we?


I've been involved in the beauty industry for the past 5 years, getting my hands on everything within in reach and trying to experience all the different niches within. I've been a part of bridal expos, done work on stage for Elevate Hair, worked backstage for St. Augustine Fashion Week, been behind the chair at various salons, and have done editorial work for local brands, as well as with local & international photographers and so much more. After an amazing stint at Push Push Salon working with Billy Keohane, training as a cutting specialist and being exposed to even more aspects of my industry I decided to strike out on my own as a freelancer! I thrive on freedom and the ability to work on new projects, meet new people and see different places, so this was arguably the only option.

My journey started in high school when I initially enrolled in cosmetology courses. I've always had a knack for creating things, be it macrame,music, painting, sculpting, anything with my hands. I love being able to transform things! Salon work was never going to be my end all, be all. Don't get me wrong, I love the camaraderie that comes with being in a salon, but the day to day just becomes too mundane for my taste and unfortunately the busiest salon days also happen to be the biggest days for weddings and other opportunities as well.

Mane Event Artistry was started as a creative outlet for me to work independently and focus on work that I thoroughly enjoy! I feel so lucky to be in an industry that has so many different paths to take, avenues to explore and I couldn't be more excited to see what the future holds!

To book Mane Event Artistry for your wedding or event, head on over to the 'Contact' page and shoot us a message! We look forward to hearing from you!

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