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Save your Strands - Summer Hair Care Must Haves

Summer time means fun in the sun and lot's of it. Unfortunately the summer sun that might be great for that golden tan, it's not so great on your hair. With the combination of sun shining endlessly on your waist length tresses, and drenching them in dehydrating salt or chlorine water, rinse and repeat, our hair tends to take the brunt of damage incurred during the summer months. And so I am here to get your summer hair care routine in order. Let's save the strands, shall we



A good conditioning mask will work wonders for your hair! Nothing will do more to help your hair than a weekly mask treatment. If you wanna treat yourself go to you salon for a deep conditioner and blowout! Otherwise, my absolute favorite restorative masks are:

Joico Defy Damage - for those with healthy hair that need to prevent damage (prevention is the best medicine!)

Joico K-Pak Intense Hyrdator - For those of us that have relatively healthy hair, but struggle with dryness and dehyrdated hair strands. This mask will help combat frizz, reduce further damage and return shine and suppleness back to your hair!

Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe - I swear by this stuff! If you have very damaged, chemically treated hair (color or otherwise) this stuff will bring it back to life. Personal story: I have naturally very dark brown hair and years ago someone took me to this pearly platinum blonde, it was beautiful, but my hair was 100% fried. My hair was limp and frizzy and just all around badddd unless I curled or braided it up, I also wore headbands a lot. This stuff literally saved my hair, which was in such bad shape I was actually using it in place of my regular conditioner.


Braids and buns are going to be your best friends! Before you head out for a day on the beach or at the pool try dampening your hair with a spray bottle full of water and a bit of conditioner. Or a product like Aveda's Suncare Protective Hair Veil which shields your hair from UV and is water resistant. After applying, braid your hair or toss it up in a messy bun. The conditioning mix will prevent your hair from losing as much moisture when it comes into contact with the sun and sea.

Hair Scarves are one of my personal favorites! If you can wrap your bun tight enough, just tuck it into the scarf in the back and wallah! Use them to spice up a braid even, or wrap it around your whole head for total damage control. My only must with a scarf is that it's silk or satin, reducing friction and frizz, as well as maintaining the oils in your hair.

Hair Oils Like Biosilk Silk Therapy will help to impart shine and smoothness back into the hair without weighing it down or making it greasy, while also repairing and preventing further damage. This is another product I absolutely swear by, especially for those with already damaged hair. There is also a Lite version for those with fine and/or thin hair

Regular Hair Cuts are the end all be all. If your hair is already to a point of being damaged beyond repair, you can continue endlessly masking the symptoms, or start new with a good old hair cut. For those that have healthy hair, nothing will repair and prevent spit ends or environmental damage better than getting a cut regularly. No, it won't actually make your hair grow faster, but it might look longer and thicker after a while, because instead of thin, damaged and broken, the ends of your hair will still have plenty of integrity and life! You should have your hair cut at least every 6-8 weeks during the summer, beginning, middle and end. Get yourself into a good summertime routine and have great hair all summer long!

What are your summer go to's?? Let me know if i left anything out!

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