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Wedding Hair Trial - What You Need to Know

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

You've picked a hair stylist for your big day, congrats! You're one step closer, now what? Well, instead of hoping for the best the day of, I suggest scheduling a trial with you stylist. Trials runs will ensure that both you and your stylist know what to expect and that everyone is happy on the day of your wedding, hopefully preventing any disappointment or frustrations!


Once your trial is booked with your stylist, how do you prepare? I'm sure you have Pinterest boards full of inspiration by now! Start by narrowing down two or three styles that you like. Keep in mind that some things seen on Pinterest might not be realistic for your hair, I suggest asking your stylist for recommendations on some artists to check out that they feel confident replicating (I always have my clients check out @HeatherChapmanHair and my own insta @Jackie.ManeEventHair). Try to remain open to style suggestions from your stylist if they don't feel confident that something you picked is realistic. They should help you decide on a style that works great for you, she/he should take into consideration your hair type, the environment that your wedding is being held in and create a look that is suitable for you on the wedding day.

On the day of your trial make sure you show up with clean, dry hair!! I can't stress this enough! There is a common belief that dirty hair is easier to work with vs clean hair. In a sense that is true, but it's much easier for me as a stylist to dirty your hair up with product, rather than trying to work with greasy 3 day old hair. Wash your hair the day before, unless your stylist specifically requests that you don't. Bring any accessories such as your veil, headband, sparkly pins, etc... to your trial appointment, the idea is to put together your whole look and make sure everything is cohesive and true to your vision.

Wedding hair trial
Wedding hair styling appointment

Once your stylist is finished and she hands you the mirror be honest! This is so important, if you absolutely love it and it's everything you dreamed of let them know! The same is true on the flip side, if your stylist hands you the mirror and you are utterly disappointed, or maybe you just want her to tweak a couple of things like too much volume, or it's a little too loose, maybe it doesn't feel secure, let her know. They should be happy to correct anything you're not particularly pleased with. If you want an entire style swap though, don't be surprised if they add an additional charge, although that should be discussed prior, because nobody likes surprises. I offer 2 options for trials $75 for one style, $125 let's you try two! Don't be afraid to ask for another trial if you're not entirely happy with the first appointment. Most stylists will gladly oblige this request.

After your trial have a girls night out! See how your style holds up to an evening full of fun and dancing. Let your stylist know if there are any issues or you need to make any changes. Like I said before, don't ever be afraid to ask for another trial if the first round doesn't work out!

If you're having trouble deciding on how you want to wear your hair for the wedding check out my post 'The Great Debate - Wearing Your Hair Up vs Down'

Did I leave anything out? Let me hear your feedback in the comments and if you found this article helpful share away!

To book Mane Event Artistry for your wedding or event, head on over to the 'Contact' page and shoot us a message! We look forward to hearing from you!

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