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What's in my Pro Kit

For all you ladies out there wondering what a pro stylist carries in their kit look no further! Maureen (@maureenrelampagoslamban) and I are going to share with you some of my must have products and tools. Check out the video and read on for some more deets on my kit breakdown!

Being an onsite/session stylist means I basically carry an entire salons worth of styling products and tools with me everywhere I go. You never know what you might need! Check out my kit breakdown below!

Hot Tools

  • 1" Hot Tools Curling Iron - If I could only carry one iron with me everywhere I went I think this would be it! The size of this iron makes it super versatile, I can do loose, messy waves, or create tighter spirals. This one is definitely my go to!

  • .75" Paul Mitchell Curling Iron - This is the iron I turn to for my girls that want curls, or even looser waves, but their hair happens to be very fine or resistant to curling.

  • 1.25" Diane the Hunter Curling Iron - For those big bouncy curls and loose waves!

  • Sam Villa Textur Iron - Who ever thought that we were still crimping hair in this day and age? Well for all my fine haired ladies out there this mini-crimper will give you volume that you've only dreamed of until now! Beef up your braids too for Pinterest worthy looks!

  • Babyliss Mini Flat Iron - This ones great for those curly baby hairs around the face the need to be tamed a bit!

  • Hot Tools 1" Flat Iron

  • Parlux Blow Dryer


Will you be trying anything from my kit? Let me know if you do and tell me what you think! @Jackie.ManeEventHair

To book Mane Event Artistry for your wedding or event, head on over to the 'Contact' page and shoot us a message! We look forward to hearing from you!

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